Stress Strain Curve: Different Zones, Factors affecting curve

Introduction to stress strain curve             Stress Strain diagram is an important graphical measure of material’s mechanical properties. It can be obtained from tensile testing of material in the Universal Testing Machine following standards below, e.g. ASTM E8 or IS 1608 for metals, ASTM D638 for plastics and ASTM D3039 for composites. Stress is internal … Read more

Economizer function, advantages, disadvantages, location, types

Economizer Function of economizer: The economizer is a heat exchanger used to preheat the feed water using the hot gases leaving the boiler. When the combustion gases leave the boiler after giving most of their heat to evaporator tubes, Superheater tubes and reheater tubes, they still possess lot of heat which if not recovered by … Read more

Function of Reheater

Q1. What is function of reheater in steam power plant? Reheater function Function of reheater: The function of the re-heaters is to re-superheat the partly expanded steam from the turbine. This is done so that the steam remains dry as far as possible through the last stage of the turbine. The reheater is generally located … Read more

Superheater, function, advantages, disadvantages, classification

Superheater Functions of superheater: The function of superheater in the thermal power plant is to remove the last traces of moisture from the saturated steam coming out of boiler and to increase its temperature sufficiently above saturation temperature as per requirement at inlet of steam turbine. The steam produced in the boiler is nearly saturated. … Read more

High Pressure Boiler, working, advantages and disadvantages

1) La-Mont boiler The La-Mont boiler is a first forced circulation boiler introduced by La-Mont in 1925 in which pump is used for forced circulation.Type of boiler: Water tube, forced circulation, high pressure boilerSteam generating capacity: 45 to 50 tones/hrPressure and temperature: 120 atm. and 500˚ C Working of La-Mont boiler: The feed water from … Read more

Comparison/difference between high pressure and conventional boiler

Comparison or difference between high pressure and conventional boiler are as follows: (1) Fuel burning process: High pressure boilers can be utilized fuels like oil, gas or coal; they have modified burning system and special types of burner.(2) Flue gas path: Pressurized combustion provides uniform heating, minimum friction losses, reducing overheating and maximum heat transfer … Read more

Advantages of high pressure boiler over conventional boiler

By Referring below article, You will be able to answer following questionsQ1. Explain the advantages of using high pressure boilers over conventional boilers in thermal power plants.Q2. What are the various types of high pressure boilers? Advantages of high pressure boiler over conventional boiler are as following: (1) Due to forced Circulation of water, evaporative … Read more

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