Advantages of high pressure boiler over conventional boiler

By Referring below article, You will be able to answer following questions
Q1. Explain the advantages of using high pressure boilers over conventional boilers in thermal power plants.
Q2. What are the various types of high pressure boilers?

Advantages of high pressure boiler over conventional boiler are as following:

(1) Due to forced Circulation of water, evaporative capacity of boiler is increased and size of drum is reduced.
(2) Smaller diameter tubes are used, which increases heat transfer rate and reduces fuel consumption.
(3) Pressurized combustion is used which increases rate of firing of fuel thus increasing the rate of heat release.
(4) These boilers are compact and hence less floor space is required.
(5) Due to high velocity of water through tubes, the scale formation tendency is eliminated.
(6) Due to uniform heating of all parts, there is less chances of overheating.
(7) High pressure and temperature of steam lead to increase the plant efficiency.
(8) The steam can be raised quickly to meet the variable load.
(9) A very rapid stat from cold is possible.

The various type of high pressure boilers commonly used are:

(1)La-mont boiler, (2) Loefler boiler, (3) Benson boiler, (4) Schmidt-Hartmann boiler, (5) Velox boiler, (6) Supcercritical boiler, (7) Supercharged boiler, (8) Fluidized bed combustion boilers etc

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