Painting vs Coating : Difference between Painting and Coating, Which one is best ?

Painting vs Coating / Difference between Painting and Coating Due to no clear definition for any term in the regulations and standards, the names are frequently used interchangeably. The term “painting specification” has traditionally been applied to industrial applications. However, many end-users are currently altering the title of their specification to “Protective Coating Specification” or … Read more

Cold Spraying / Gas dynamic cold spray, process, equipment, variables, applications

History of Cold Spraying / gas dynamic cold spray The cold spray process or gas dynamic cold spray method was developed in 1980s by Russian scientists researching gas dynamics in Siberia. Although this process was not widely known outside Russia until the 1990s, cold spraying continues to be studied in research laboratories around the world … Read more

Difference between CVD and PVD. which one is better

What is the difference between CVD and PVD? which one is better? Description CVD PVD Source material state Gas precursor solid Process Chemical reaction in gaseous phase, importance of fluid dynamics Evaporation and collision impact on the solid target Temperatures Higher, appx 600-1100 ˚C Lower, appx below 450 ˚C Layers Coating thickness Multi layer possible … Read more

Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD) PPT, Principle, CVD Process, Variables, Advantages, Applications

This article contains CVD Process introduction, principle, variants, variables, advantages, applications Introduction to CVD Process Chemical vapor deposition (CVD) is a family of processes whereby a solid material is deposited from a vapor by a chemical reaction occurring on or in the vicinity of a substrate surface. The resulting solid material is in the form … Read more

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