Function of Reheater

Q1. What is function of reheater in steam power plant?

Reheater function

Function of reheater:

The function of the re-heaters is to re-superheat the partly expanded steam from the turbine. This is done so that the steam remains dry as far as possible through the last stage of the turbine.

The reheater is generally located before or after the convective superheater in the convective zone of utility boilers.

In modern high pressure boilers, reheaters are generally in two sections. The primary section is placed in the convective zone and secondary section is placed just at the furnace exit hanging from the top. The design consideration for reheaters are Similar to those for superheaters. It having same output temperatures but steam pressures are about 20-25% of those in superheaters. Hence lower grade steel alloy can be used for reheaters.

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