Recent Advancements / Trends in Extrusion Process Technology

Advances in Extrusion Process Extrusion of metals and alloys, as well as metallic composite materials, has seen substantial scientific and technological advancement in recent years. This mostly relates to the idea of optimizing existing processes and attempting to implement new ones that are near to “ideal,” but it also applies to the development of new … Read more

Recent Advancements / Trends in Drawing Process Technology

Advances in Drawing Process Traditionally, wire drawing technology has been used to process simple axiasymmetrical goods. The process’s principal drawback is friction at the interface between the drawing tool and the deformed material, which results in variability of characteristics across the drawn wires’ cross-section. Increasing the product qualities during conventional wire drawing by modifying the … Read more

Recent Advancements / Trends in Forging Process Technology

Advancements in forging processes Computer Aided Engineering (CAE) in Cold Forging Process Competition around the globe requires the cold forging industry to utilize practical and proven computer aided design (CAD), computer aided manufacturing (CAM) and computer aided engineering (CAE) technologies for fast and cost effective process design and die manufacturing. That leads to higher accuracy, … Read more

Recent Advancements / Trends in Rolling Process Technology

Advances in rolling process for ferrous and non-ferrous metals The rolling process are the group of the most efficient production technologies and can be in general classified as rolling of long and flat products or forge rolling of shaped components. In the recent times, technological achievements in this field are related mostly to end product … Read more

Water Jet Cutting: Principle, Process, Applications, Recent Advancements Trends

Water Jet Cutting Water jet cutting/machining is a non-traditional machining process based on mechanical energy for cutting and processing metal and non-metal materials. Including the use of high-speed water jets to smoothly cut soft workpieces. Fine abrasive grains are used in combination with water to cut metal materials. In waterjet machining, a high-speed water jet … Read more

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