Online steam leakage and bed material leakage attending in power plant

Why we required to attend steam leakage in power plant running boiler? / Leakage attending in power plant

1.If in running boiler any tube has leakage, it will increase day by day due to steam velocity friction on the edge of the hole of leakage and it will cause earlier shutdown of the boiler.

2. It will be much more dangerous for the people/workers who will not any idea about leakage. They can’t see steam leakage because it has only noise, steam is superheated so it will not be visible.

3. If we can able to attend the leakage it will also save of DM water which was costly.

Methods of attending online steam leakage

1.By Pneumatic metal injection gun
-> In this method we give air pressure to gun in perpendicular to the leakage which will form a layer of metal slowly that stop the leakage. During this method it will cause high vibration on the machine so line can be break or leakage can be increased so we have to take all required precautions for online attending steam leakage

2.By preparing metal box and inject material in it
-> In this method first we have to take measurements of the tube/pipe, as per the measurement we have to make rectangular box having cavity only for tube that particular box is in two portions both portion can be fitted by tightening bolts. That box having small hole on it.
-> We will fix that same box at the steam leakage after that we have to fill one material (the name of material is never declared by the online steam leakage attending team).

Method of attending bed material leakage in Boiler

1.If the inside pressure of the bad Material line is less, than we use glass wool / rockwool. Apply liquid sodium phosphate on the glass wool than directly apply on the bed material will became hard due to the high temperature of the bed material.

2.If the inside pressure line is high than, after applying liquid sodium phosphate on the glass wool fit the temporary jack on it. This is called jacking of glass wool.

steam leakage attending in power plant by metal injection method
Fig.1 steam leakage attending by metal injection method
leakage attending in power plant by making box
fig 2 – leakage attending by making box

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