High Pressure Boilers MCQ

Here are some Questions and Answers on high pressure boilers MCQs

Which of the following is not a high pressure boiler?

(a) Lancashire
(b) Velox
(c) La-Mant
(d) Lo-effler

Indirect heating and evaporation of water is used in

(a) La-Mont boiler
(b) Benson boiler
(c) Lo-effler boiler
(d) Velox boiler

Once through boiler is named such because

(a) air is sent through the same direction
(b) steam is sent out only in one direction
(c) there is no recirculation of water
(d) flue gases pass only in one direction

Once through boilers will not have

(a) drums, steam separators, pumps
(b) drums, headers, steam separators
(c) drums, headers, pumps
(d) drums, headers, steam separators, pumps

Bension boilers having

(a) three drums
(b) one drum
(c) no drum

Combustion in coal fired boilers usually takes place at

(a) 1400 to 1700°C
(b) 800 to 900°C
(c) 200 to 300°C
(d) none of these

In fluidized bed combustion (FBC) system the combustion of fuel takes place at

(a) 1400 to 1700°C
(b) 800 to 800 °C
(c) 200 to 300°C
(d) none of these

A super critical boiler is operates above the pressure

(a) 221.05 bar
(b) 100 bar
(c) 80 bar
(d) 50 bar

Which of the following statement is not correct regarding supercritical boilers.

(a) No drum, less heat capacity of the generator and hence more stable and good response.
(b) There is no two phase mixture.
(c) Less corrosion and erosion problem compared to subcritical boilers.
(d) None of the above

Which of the following is not a advantage of supercharged boiler.

(a) Small heat capacity
(b) Less heat transfer surfaces is required.
(c) Rapid start of the boiler is possible.
(d) It has a tight passage for gases.

Which of the following is/are fuel of FBC boiler.

(a) bio mass
(b) municipal waste
(c) high ash coal
(d) all of these

The main function of economizer of a boiler plant is to

(a) reduce fuel consumption
(b) increase steam production
(c) increase steam pressure

In which device the temperature of steam is highest

(a) evaporator tubes
(b) superheater
(c) economizer
(d) steam/water drum

In a steam power plant heat from the flue gases is recovered in

(a) superheaters
(b) de-superheater
(c) evaporator tubes
(d) economizer and air preheater

Economizer in a steam power plant

(a) saves fuel consumption by 5-15%
(b) improves the boiler efficiency by 10-12%
(c) both of above

The advantage of reheating of steam in steam power plant

(a) it reduces the wears on the blades.
(b) it increases the efficiency of the turbine.
(c) it increases the work done through the turbine
(d) all of the above

Which one of the following modes of heat transfer would take place predominantly from boiler furnace to water walls?

(a) radiation
(b) convection
(c) conduction

Which one of the following represents correct order in the path of flue gases?

(a) superheater, economiser, evaporator tubes
(b) superheater, evaporator tubes, economizer
(c) evaporator tubes, superheater, economizer, air preheater.
(d) evaporator tubes, superheater, air preheater, economizer.

Which of the following method is not a method of superheat temperature control

(a) Desuperheating
(b) Precondensing the steam
(c) Feed water heating
(d) Tilting bumer

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