Difference between CVD and PVD. which one is better

What is the difference between CVD and PVD? which one is better?

Source material stateGas precursorsolid
ProcessChemical reaction in gaseous phase, importance of fluid dynamicsEvaporation and collision impact on the solid target
TemperaturesHigher, appx 600-1100 ˚CLower, appx below 450 ˚C
Layers Coating thicknessMulti layer possible Thicker and thin bothMajorly single layer thin
Wear resistance, toughnessHigh, lowLess, higher
State of stress in coatingTensileCompressive
Used forElements, compounds, alloys difficultAlloys easily
Process, MaterialEach process is material specificOne process, many materials
Line of sightNot neededNeeded
Step CoverageBetter (50-100%), can even fill gapsPoor
difference between cvd and pvd
Fig. Difference between CVD and PVD

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